A picture of me.

Hello there!
My name is Shaun. I grew up and live in the North East of England, where I work as a full-time Software Developer at a company called Tascomp.

In my day job I work mostly within the Microsoft ecosystem, utilising tools such as :
- C++
- .NET framework
- Microsoft SQL Server
- a few others.

...However, when I'm at home, and not playing PC games; I'm generally researching and experimenting with intriguing programming concepts or working on my larger programming projects.

I absolutely adore programming and its many facets, especially when it comes to learning about mathematical concepts and how, on every level, I would implement these within code. This website exists to highlight that; be it a place where I archive my many projects and experiments that I work on in my spare time.

Anyway, to see what I'm talking about why not check out my projects page to see the projects I'm working on or have finished.